Jersey Goes West Pt. 3 – Valley of Fire (continued)

After hiking to Mouse’s Tank, we returned to the car and continued up White Domes Road  to Rainbow Vista.  Rainbow Vista is a provides a great colorful panoramic view of the area.

Rainbow Vista View

There is a short hiking trail in area.  The trail led to this beautiful multi-colored rock formation.  This is what Valley of Fire is all about!


Rainbow Vista Sandstone 2

We hiked back to the car.  Next stop,  Silica Dome and Fire Canyon.  Off White Domes Road is Fire Canyon Road.  A short drive up Fire Canyon Road leads to a view of Fire Canyon and Silica Dome.  There is a small lookout area but no hiking trails in this area.

Fire Canyon

The sandstone formations that are prevalent in Valley of Fire are made from grains that are almost pure silica. Silica Dome is the best example in the park of such a deposit. The change in color towards the base of the dome occurs when small amounts of iron in the rock produce the rust stain color.

Silica Dome

After our visit to Silica Dome, we made our way to the Fire Wave.   The Fire Wave hike is about an hour long  out and back and it is not recommended (actual warnings posted at the trail head) to do this hike in hot weather.  We took water with us and planned to only go a short way.

The trail starts with a downhill trail going towards this large rock formation.

Fire Wave 1

We walked along the large sandstone outcropping and soon found this beautiful formation.

Fire Wave_6703

This flat smooth sand stone was made up of the most vivid beautiful colors.  Pictures really don’t do it justice.  At this point, we decide to just do the whole hike.  We didn’t know when we would be able to make a trip back here and we felt good despite the heat.

The only way to follow the trail at this point were cairn markers that were set up on the rock.

Fire Wave_6713

Fire Wave_6719

After a half mile of hiking, we finally came to the Fire Wave.  What an awesome natural piece of artwork!

Fire Wave_6724

After a little rest, we hiked the half mile back to the car.  The hike back was a little more tough since it was uphill.  I am so glad we did it though! It was about 5 pm by this time.  We hopped back on the road and drove to the end of White Domes Road to see……the White Domes of course!

The sun was getting lower in the sky and the lighting wasn’t that great so my images reflect that.



There is a hiking trail in the area but we were both pretty beat from the Fire Wave hike so we enjoyed the view close to the car.

I thought I could wrap up Valley of Fire in 2 parts, but that’s all the time I have tonight.  Stay tuned for more!


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