Apple Pie Hill

So, I am ashamed to say in all the years that I have lived in the NJ PIne Barrens, I have never been to Apple Pie Hill.  I had always said that I needed to get out there and then plans would change or I would run out of time.  Excuses, excuses!  Last weekend, I decided to finally take a trip out there.

Apple Pie Hill is the highest point in the Pine Barrens at 205 feet above sea level.  There is also an un-used fire tower here that you can climb for a wonderful view of the pine barrens.  On a clear day, you can see the skylines of Philadelphia and Atlantic City.  Unfortunately, the day we went was cloudy and overcast.  Despite the weather, the views at the top were well worth the climb even if you are slightly squeamish of heights like me.

Apple Pie Hill Fire Tower

Apple Pie Hill - View 2


Apple Pie Hill - View 3

As it was a very cold day, we decided to drive to the tower.  It is car accessible and is a couple miles into the woods from Rt. 532.  The road was snow covered and we were easily able to navigate it in a 4×4 truck.  I don’t know what the road would be like during normal conditions.  The sand can be tough for cars.  Due to its easy accessibility, there is some vandalism evident at the site.  There are many hiking trails in the area.  I am looking forward to warmer weather so that we can better explore the area!

DIRECTIONS FROM NEAREST HIGHWAY:  From Route 563 South at the intersection with Route 532 at Chatsworth fire house, turn Right on 532 West. After 1.4 miles turn Left through old brick gateposts onto Ringler Avenue. Continue on paved portion of Ringler Avenue for 0.3 miles. When the road curves left, continue straight onto the sand road. This road appears as New York Avenue on some maps. Continue through intersections with other sand roads for approximately 1.7 miles to the parking area by the fire tower at top of Apple Pie Hill.

This site has some more great information on Apple Pie Hill.


5 thoughts on “Apple Pie Hill”

  1. Once you go there once, you’ll go back over and over again!

    The road is solid in pretty much any weather, I even used to take my little Toyota back there. The only tricky part is the intersection at the base of the hill where there is a bit of sugar sand, but its easy to avoid.

    The fire tower is still active in fire season. The folks up there get bored, so sometimes they’ll pop the hatch and chat with you for a while.

    Any you’re braver than me, too cold to be up there!

    1. Like your camping, it wasn’t too bad up there and we didn’t stay long! After we got there, another couple arrived and made the climb too. I was surprised that it was so “crowded”! I agree with you though…bring on spring! I am hoping tomorrow’s snow will be the turning point and it will be easy breezy from now on!

  2. Apple Pie Hill is a favorite destination and it’s nice to hear you made finally got to see it. One of my favorite Pine Barrens hikes is to start at the Carranza Memorial and hike the Batona Trail to the hill and back. It’s kind of a “Best of the Pines” hike.

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