Trains at Winslow Junction

Hello Readers!  Long time no posts!

Like everyone in the Northeast, I am going a bit stir crazy with this weather.  I keep hearing weather forecasters talk of how this February is colder than usual and that normal temps should be around 45 degrees.  45 degrees??  I don’t think I remember a February where 45 has been the average temperature.  February may be the shortest month, but it always feels like it goes on forever.

There was a brief break in the cold today.  It was a balmy 29 degrees which was up quite a bit from the single digits of the past couple days.  The wind was non-existent and the snow was coming but had not arrived yet, so the hubby and I went for a ride to Winslow Junction.  I wanted to check out the old trains that were left on some of the defunct rails.

In its hey day, Winslow Junction was a busy place.  In the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, and Atlantic City was the place to be.  Two competing railroad companies took advantage of the flat terrain and built two rails side by side.  The Pennsylvania Railroad and Reading Railroad both built lines to the shore.  In the 1930’s, demand for rail travel to the shore began to decline and the two companies could no longer compete. The lines were merged making the Pennsylvania – Reading Seashore Lines.  A junction tower and switch was built at Winslow Junction to facilitate the combining of lines.  The famous Blue Comet train used to travel along this rail line.

It is a neat place to check out some old trains.  If you stop, be respectful as there are a lot of “No Trespassing” signs.  The property belongs to Southern Railroad Company of NJ and there is a worker presence there.  We kept to the side of the road for our pictures.

Winslow Junction Locomotive 1


Winslow Junction -Locomotive 2Winslow Junction - Southern Railroad of NJ


Winslow Junction -Caboose


Winslow Junction - Susquehanna Passenger CarWinslow Junction - Switch Control Tower


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