Beyond Jersey!

I have been trying to blog at least once a week, but I am a bit behind. The past couple weeks have been a bit crazy!

I am going back a bit over a week for this post. Last Saturday, we went beyond Jersey (just a little) to Philadelphia. Philly is only about an hour from my house and although I am a country girl at heart, I still like to visit the city on occasion. I usually have a specific reason for going into the city and I take photos along the way. This trip was no different.

Our main reason for visiting the city was to pick up our racing bibs for the Broad Street Ten Mile Run!
Broad St

This will be my third year running the race. We had to pick up our bibs and shirts at the Philadelphia Convention Center so I brought my camera along for a few pictures.

I wanted to take some pictures of City Hall but on our way there I was sidetracked by this cool sign outside of the Reading Terminal Market.

Old City Coffee

If you have never been to Reading Terminal Market, I highly recommend it. The market is full of freshly prepared food and treats. There are butchers, bakeries, fish mongers, candle makers, and many more. You can get American, Italian, Chinese, Greek, and Amish fare (probably many more that I am forgetting too). It is a huge place with many shops and stalls with so many different things. It tends to be really crowded on the weekend and with all the race participants in the area, we skipped going in this time.

City Hall is just a couple blocks from the Convention Center. It is such a beautiful building with so many great architectural details. Every time I visit this building I find more things that I hadn’t noticed before.

City Hall

Philadelphia’s City Hall was built between the years of 1871-1901. It took 30 years to complete which it not surprising considering the workmanship that went into this building.

City Hall Clock Tower 1

The inner corridors that lead to the courtyard are full of beautiful stone sculptures.
City Hall Details

City Hall Arches

After walking through the corridor, you arrive in a beautiful courtyard.

City Hall Courtyard

Every detail of this building is a work of art including the doors.
City Hall Door

Of Lions and Rattlesnakes

While trying to research some of the history of the building I found that the city fathers actually talked of demolishing this national treasure in the 1950’s. They decided against it, not because of the history and beauty of the building but because the cost of demolition would have bankrupted the city due to its masonry construction. Whatever the reason, thank goodness this wonderful structure is still around for all to enjoy. I hope it will be around for many more years.

Two Civil War general equestrian statues grace the outside of one of the sides of City Hall. The first is General George McClellan and the second is General John Reynolds pictured here.
General John Reynolds

The General and the Church

One other fascinating building located across the street from City Hall is the Market Street National Bank Building. It is currently occupied by the Residence Inn and thankfully the owners have kept the building in beautiful condition. This art deco building was built in 1930 and the beautiful meso-american style polychrome terra-cotta decorations really make this building special.

Market Street Bank

If you are ever in Philadelphia, take some time to check out these beautiful buildings and others in the area. Philadelphia is full of special gems that we sometimes fail to notice as we rush about the city.


2 thoughts on “Beyond Jersey!”

  1. Nice pictures of City Hall! Looks like they finally finished working on it (or you are good at taking angled shots to avoid scaffolding). It’s also proudly the tallest masonry building in the world.

    1. Thanks! I didn’t see any scaffolding on the outside thankfully. Some of the sculptures on the inside had some sort of protective netting over them. I wasn’t sure if they were working on them or just protecting them. It is such a fascinating building!

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