Bear Creek Preserve

Today I took a short trip to the Bear Creek Preserve located on Lower Bank Road just north of the Lower Bank Bridge over the Mullica River.
Bear Creek Preserve

There is not much of a parking area. No motor vehicles are allowed in the preserve so I parked outside the locked gate and walked in. The sandy road starts in a wooded area and follows Bear Creek as it makes its way to the Mullica. There were turtles and ducks in the wooded area of the creek and I even saw a common yellowthroat but no one wanted to cooperate for pictures.

After a short walk through the more densely wooded portion of the road, the landscape opened up to the marsh area.
Bear Creek Preserve Trail

A male mallard was much more cooperative with a short photo shoot before I moved on.

Male Mallard

Spring was trying to make an appearance. Most of the trees were only budding but the red maples were full of their bright red “helicopter” seed heads.

Swamp Maple

Red Maples in Spring

As I walked, I heard a lot of birds singing but they were shy and did not want their picture taken. The tree swallows were out in droves hunting for insects. It was nice to be out here without another person around. The marsh grasses rubbed against each other creating a symphony of eerie but interesting noises.

Marsh Grasses

I came across this bird blind but couldn’t go inside as the doors appeared to be nailed shut. Too bad, it would have made a cool spot to sit and look for birds.

Old Bird Blind

This trail is a really beautiful trail. If I had gone a bit earlier in the morning, it may have been a little more active with birdlife. Wildlife seen today: red slider turtles, a snake which slithered into the grass to quickly for an ID, catbird, Canada geese, common yellowthroat, mallard, and tree swallows.

Bear Creek Preserve Road


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