When Horses Lie

Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend! I didn’t have a lot of time for writing and photo editing so I am just writing a quick post today.

I have often been asked about sleeping horses. A lot of people seem to think that horses don’t lie down to sleep and nap. They often think that a lying horse means a sick horse. Not true.

Napping Theoden

The picture above is our Clydesdale, Théoden. He was rescued from a broker pen, possibly bound for a slaughterhouse at the ripe old age of 1. Lucky for us and him, he was rescued by a horse rescue group and we adopted him. You can check out the rescue group here: South Jersey All Breeds Horse Rescue.

He takes a nap almost everyday and loves to sunbathe. It is myth that if you see a horse lying flat out in a field that it is sick or worse yet, dead. They frequently lay down for short periods of time. If you see a horse lying flat in a field for hours, that horse may be in trouble but there is no need for alarm if you see one sleeping. Horses mostly rest standing up. They have a locking stifle joint (analogous to our knee joint) which allows them to sleep standing up without falling over. This keeps them ready in to flee in case a predator attacks. If a horse feels safe and comfortable they will lay down to get a better quality of sleep than standing. Often one of their herd mates will keep a lookout. I have never seen all of our horses laying down at once. There is always at least one standing guard.

I tried my best to sneak up to get some better pictures but I guess I wasn’t quiet enough!
Darn...She Woke Me Up!

One more picture of the pretty boy.
Theoden in BW

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