Of Sunsets and Sunrises

I recently got some neutral density filters for my camera and was eager to test them out. First I went to Lower Bank Bridge at sunset to try them out. Lower Bank is located on the Mullica River in Burlington County, NJ. I think I still need to get a hang of the timing thing. Unfortunately my trip out there was on the spur of the moment so I quickly lost the light. I also need to be a little better at planning. What do you think of my results?

Lower Bank Bridge at Sunset

Lower Bank Dock at Sunset

I decided to give it another go the next morning. Again…I am not a great planner. I woke early to take a drive to Lake Oswego since it is close to work. Lake Oswego is a beautiful quiet lake located in the heart of the NJ Pine Barrens. It sits within Penn State Forest in Burlington County. Again…I underestimated my timing. It took me a bit longer to get ready to leave than I anticipated and I am NOT a morning person. Luckily I got to the lake just as the sun was coming up. I would have liked to be there a bit earlier to set up.
Lake Oswego Sunrise

I like this one, but I think next time, I need to try to find some details to focus on rather than trying to get the whole scene. I will definitely be practicing more with these filters. Thanks for reading!


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